2 Color                                We have more machines available ask here
Miller TP-38, two color, Size 25” x 38”, conventional dampening system, 98 million impressions.
Hamada 775 CD, two color, Chain delivery, powder spray. Nice Press from inplant
Heidelberg GTOZ52, two color, manufactured 1994,  Size 14"x20"  with Alcolor. dampening, R&R, spray powder, 54 million impressions.  
Heidelberg GTOZ52-S, two color, manufactured 1994, 14 Million impressions , Alcolor dampening system, Royse R&R, Powder Sprayer, Stream Feeder, Dollies. tools and manuals included.
Heidelberg GTO-PM52-2, two color, manufactured 2002, 2 colors, Size: 14 1/2"X20 1/2”,DDS dampening system, HB dryer, 15 Million Imps. in New Condition.  
Heidelberg SORDZ, manufactured 1983, Size: 29x36, with Std. dampeners, 85 Million Impressions, Royse R&R, factory powder.
Heidelberg GTOZ52-S, two color, manufactured 1995, 2 colors, Size: 14 1/2"X20 1/2”,Alcolor dampening system, Stream Feeder, numbering system, 15 Million Imps.  
Heidelberg SORMZ, two color, manufactured 1998, Alcolor dampening system, IR dryer, R&R, Powder Sprayer.  
Heidelberg SORKZ, two color, manufactured 1986, 100 Million impressions, Epic Delta dampening system, Powder Sprayer. 
Toko R2, manufactured 1999, two color, Impression Area 13x17.5 Sheet Size 13x19, Toko damps, 8 + million impressions, Powder. Nice press. Very clean.