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Payment Terms




C&G Printing Equipment WILL NOT respond to ambiguous orders  or other orders that we do not feel are being honestly placed. If you really want to order from us you will not have a problem abiding by our terms.
We sincerely hope that this does not cause you any inconvenience and that you understand our position. We are willing to work with you however we can. Feel free to call or email us with questions or concerns.

We collect 100% payment in full before shipping. Our Preferred payment methods are cash or bank wire transfer. Credit Cards or Irrevocable, confirmed letters of credit will not be accepted.
We perform validation of identity, fund source, availability of funds and authenticity before deposit.
Warning: We alert US authorities to all fraudulent transactions.

All Sales are Final

Although all machines are verified and pre-inspected by licensed technicians, items are offered in "AS IS" condition with no warranties written or implied. The potential buyer is strongly encouraged to inspect prior to picking up the equipment.

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